Mike Deffenbaugh

3-D Modeling

Before learning SolidWorks at Penn State I learned how to do 3D modeling in high school in a program called Autodesk 3dsMax. Here is one of the earlier stages of a car that I made from scratch. In the beginning it was fairly basic and very smooth. Scroll down to see the improvement.

As you can see the tail lights and engine bay aren't even close to completion.

This second stage has much more detail but is still very incomplete.

The engine bay and tail lights are now cut out.

This final stage is still not perfect but I was fairly satisfied with the end result.

The next step would be to create more body panels, the small number of body panels right now is not very realistic.

Convertible version in wireframe...

...and in an auto show scene.

A modified race version.

Formula One type car, no specific F1 model year.

An F1 car for the road.

I was messing around with lighting and rendering environments a lot at this point.

Some wheels and tires that are a bit more realistic.

And suddenly a kayak.