Mike Deffenbaugh

Penn State

I am a Mechanical Engineering student at Penn State. I've enjoyed many of the courses here, but the engineering electives in particular have been my favorite courses. Microprocessor Interfacing was a very interesting course that got me interested in building and programming simple robots. You can see some of the work that I've done in robotics if you visit my mechatronics page. One of my electives was Engineering Optimization and I enjoyed it enough that I decided to take the graduate level version of Optimization. The required courses on Vibrations and Modeling of Dynamic Systems made me want to also take a Vehicle Dynamics course and the Vibrations Lab to learn more about dynamic systems. Additionally I took a course on Gas Turbines because I felt like I needed more experience with Thermodynamics.

Photo Credit


I've always been an athlete and I hope to continue to be involved in sports in some way in the future. Here are a few photos of me playing soccer and volleyball back in high school.

Custom PCs

I decided that I wanted to learn how to build a custom PC. After quite a bit of research and shopping here is the finished project. It isn't that great of a picture but it certainly is satisfying turning the thing on for the first time. With my new knowledge I've gone on to help some of my friends build their own custom PCs. I'm always willing to help somebody build their own.

Disc Golf

Disc Golf, or "Frolf" as I like to call it, is a big hobby of mine. I haven't played in any big tournaments but I play often on the two courses here in State College and I have played on some of the other bigger courses in PA.

Particle Physics

I think Particle Physics might fascinate me more than any other subject. I very much want to understand how the universe works at its most fundamental level. This website run by Professor Matt Strassler is an amazing resource for getting started. I thought it would be fun to create a card game that I could use to teach some of the basic ideas of particle physics. I'm still working on the rules a bit, maybe I'll eventually try to sell it.

Portal 2

This game is a lot of fun if you like action-packed puzzle games. I made a custom map for this game that you can play (if you own Portal 2, if you don't own it it costs $20) by subscribing to my map making page on Steam. I can speed run it in about 8 minutes, but I challenge you to beat it on your first try in under 30 minutes :)

Richard Feynman - Curiosity

Richard Feynman was a brilliant man who has on many levels inspired me. I've always been driven by curiosity, I've always been interested in learning about how things work. I don't think there is anything more important to describing my personal characteristics than that. This defines who I am and makes up the lens that I use to view the world.